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10+ Best Etsy SEO Tools in 2024 ⇁ Better Visibility & Reach on Etsy 1
  • #1 Etsy product research & seo keyword tool
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  • Grow with the best Etsy product research tool and Etsy seo keyword tool


10+ Best Etsy SEO Tools in 2024 ⇁ Better Visibility & Reach on Etsy 2
  • Find The Best Products To Sell On Etsy In Seconds
  • Grow your Etsy sales by selling things people WANT
  • Join EverBee to build and grow a successful business on Etsy.

Did you know Etsy has over 81 million global buyers? With such a vast customer base, standing out is key. That’s where Etsy SEO tools step in.

Recent data shows that using the right Etsy SEO tools can boost your chances of showing up in search results by up to 43%.

This shows the importance of having a good SEO tool to succeed in Etsy selling. Here, we are going to disclose the list of leading Etsy SEO tools that can help you to reach the top.

Without any more delay, let’s begin!

What is an Etsy SEO Tool?

An Etsy SEO tool is built specifically to help Etsy sellers optimize their product listings for search engines, primarily Etsy’s own search engine and Google.

These tools aim to increase the visibility of a seller’s shop and item listings in search engine results to drive more traffic and potential sales to their shop.

Etsy SEO tools can also analyze competitor listings and SEO strategies to gain insights into what works and what doesn’t.

Additionally, these tools offer features like listing audits, analytics tools, and keyword suggestion generators, all of which aid in optimizing product listings and improving search rankings on Etsy.

With the help of Etsy SEO tools, sellers can effectively navigate the platform’s search algorithm and increase their visibility among a large pool of active buyers.

10+ Best Etsy SEO Tools for Better Reach 2024

Etsy SEO ToolUser RatingFree TrialPaid Plan Starts From
Alura4.5 $19.99/month
Sale Samurai4.2$9.99/month
Merch Titans3.5$9.99 per month

1. EverBee


EverBee is a powerful and innovative Etsy SEO tool that optimizes product listings and helps Etsy Sellers grow their businesses.

It offers a suite of features that leverage data analytics to provide valuable insights into product demand, revenue generation, and market trends on Etsy.

EverBee’s primary focus is to assist Etsy sellers in identifying high-demand products and understanding how other listings are performing, thereby enabling them to create and sell products that people are actually buying.

EverBee provides a wealth of data and insights that can guide new sellers in deciding what to sell, increasing the chances of early sales and business growth.

Key Features of EverBee

  • Product Analytics: EverBee provides detailed analytics on sales, revenue, keyword rankings, search volume, and more for various Etsy listings.
  • Keyword Research Suite: This feature helps sellers find, analyze, and track the best keywords for their business.
  • Trademark Monitor: EverBee’s Trademark Monitor scans sellers’ listings for potential trademark infringements, helping them avoid legal issues.
  • Shop Analyzer: This feature allows sellers to analyze all their competitor’s listings and see their tags, sales data, etc.
  • Etsy Profit Calculator: EverBee’s Etsy Profit calculator estimates profit margins using costs and prices.

EverBee Pricing

EverBee offers three pricing plans: the Hobby Plan at $0 per month, the Pro Plan at $7.99 per month, and the Growth Plan at $29.99 per month.

2. Alura


Alura is a leading Etsy SEO tool that offers a unified solution that covers every aspect of the Etsy business, from research to marketing, and helps sellers optimize their shop and maximize sales.

Noteworthily, Alura is trusted by over 121,119 Etsy sellers and provides easy-to-use tools and features for starting, running, and growing an Etsy shop.

Alura’s primary focus is on keyword and product research, shop operations and finances, and marketing and automation.

The platform also offers tools for managing day-to-day business operations on Etsy, including listing recommendations, follow-up reminders, and financial reports.

Additionally, Alura provides an integrated email marketing solution and automated social media posts to drive sales to your Etsy shop.

Alura Key Features

  • Keyword Finder: Helps sellers find the best keywords for their listings.
  • Alura Extension: Simplifies product research while browsing Etsy.
  • Shop Analyzer: Provides insights into key stats, best-selling products, pricing strategy, shop policies, and more.
  • Listing Helper: Offers listing recommendations based on Etsy’s seller handbook.
  • Followup Reminder: Helps build better customer relationships with follow-up messages.

Alura Pricing

Alura offers three pricing plans: Free ($0/month), Starter ($19.99/month), and Professional ($29.99/month).

3. Etsyshop


Etsyshop is another SEO tool for Etsy Sellers, it comes packed with a variety of functionalities, including keyword research, shop analysis, and even the calculation of Etsy fees.

Etsyshop enables sellers to strategically discover and include valuable keywords in their product titles, descriptions, and tags, increasing the visibility of their listings in search results.

It offers an analysis of successful Etsy shops, providing insights into market opportunities and trends for sellers to launch more profitable Etsy stores.

Etsyshop is also a popular choice for Amazon/Shopify sellers, Meta/TikTok Ads, and those involved in Etsy Dropshipping, providing them with a full range of Etsy business features.

Key Features of Etsyshop

  • Product Research: Etsyshop allows users to find bestseller products and trending products.
  • Market Research: The platform provides tools to find the top Etsy sellers and niches, enabling users to conduct market research.
  • SEO Keywords Finder: Users can easily analyze Etsy SEO keywords and discover keywords with low competition.
  • Etsy Bestseller Product Library: This feature helps identify real bestseller, Etsy’s pick products by various query criteria and data such as sales, reviews, and favorites.
  • Etsy For TikTok: Quickly find Etsy items for Shopify/Amazon for Facebook ads, TikTok ads, Google ads, and more.
  • Product Analysis: Track product data to determine if the product is a bestseller and learn product SEO keywords based on growth trends and results.
  • Store Analyzer: Check out the store’s information and data to learn about the store’s daily sales changes and find its hottest products.

Etsyshop Pricing

Etsyshop offers three pricing tiers: The Starter plan costs $7 per month, the Advanced plan is priced at $34 per month, and the Unlimited plan is available for $69 per month.

4. EtsyHunt


EtsyHunt is the ultimate Etsy SEO tool that enhances the performance of Etsy sellers. It provides a smarter way to sell on Etsy by offering a wide range of features to improve your Etsy shop’s ranking and visibility.

EtsyHunt boasts the world’s largest database of Etsy products, with over 48 million product listings, 560 million Etsy tags, and 120,000 Etsy shops.

This vast database allows users to conduct in-depth Etsy market research, discover top-selling items, and identify popular searches and tags on Etsy, all from a single platform.

Etsy sellers offer a complete solution to optimize your Etsy SEO, Logo, Listing, Photos, Shipping, Pricing, and Fees.

It is designed to understand what is selling on Etsy, discover winning products, explore top searches, and find the exact keywords/tags for your Etsy listings.

EtsyHuntKey Features

  • Product Research: Offers trend analysis for sales, price, favorites, and reviews with daily product data updates and top-selling item reports.
  • Keyword Research: Shows popular keywords with daily updates. Provides additional information on Top 100 items.
  • Shop Ranking: Provides information on best sellers, their sales, categories, tags, listings, and reviews.
  • Etsy Reviews Management: Offers customer screening and supports visual analysis of reviews. Allows bulk export of orders with email.
  • Listing Optimization: Allows integration with your Etsy shop for SEO improvement.
  • Chrome Extensions: Offers Tag Extractor and Ranking Tool extensions.

EtsyHunt Pricing

EtsyHunt offers four pricing plans: Free ($0 per month), Basic ($3.99 per month), Pro ($19.99 per month), and Team ($59.99 per month).

5. Sale Samurai

Sale Samurai

Sale Samurai is an all-in-one tool for massive Etsy SEO growth that is built to fuel Etsy businesses by providing valuable insights and analytics.

It offers powerful tools to uncover keywords that shoppers are using to make their purchases, brainstorm the next product idea, and much more.

Sale Samurai provides real search volume data behind the keywords that lead to sales, average shipping days, price distribution, and long-tail keyword ideas.

Sale Samurai also improves your listings’ success with sales data and letter grades. Moreover, It helps Etsy Sellers discover long tail keywords that shoppers are searching for on Etsy, search volume, and critical information such as price, shipping days, and views per product.

Key Features of Sale Samurai

  • Provides real Etsy search volume data.
  • Offers long tail keywords and listing data.
  • Suggests tags for your listings.
  • Comes with a Chrome extension for analyzing Etsy search results.
  • Allows you to monitor other sellers’ listings for market price, views, shipping, and likes on Etsy.
  • Offers a fee calculator to determine the best price structure for your products.
  • Offers a listing creator for easy product listing on Etsy.

Sale Samurai Pricing

Sale Samurai offers a monthly plan at $9.99 and a yearly plan at $99.99.

6. eRank


eRank, a comprehensive Etsy SEO tool that takes your Etsy Shop to the next level and drives more traffic.

It provides a suite of features that allow sellers to conduct keyword research, track competitors, and stay updated with the latest trends on platforms like Etsy and Amazon.

eRank empowers users with valuable insights into the popularity of various designs and products, helping sellers plan profitable products that are in high demand.

eRank not only assists sellers in optimizing their tags and titles but also keeps an eye on their competitors by tracking their daily sales, listings, and the keywords they use

Further, It offers a blog with trend reports, SEO tips, and how-to guides, as well as a Facebook group with live Q&As and a community of over 13,000 members.

eRank Key Features

  • Keyword Tool: Analyzes the top 100 listings for any keyword to provide insights into their tags, titles, prices, and views.
  • Competitor Tags: Allows you to see hundreds of tags of any Etsy shop, showing their search volume, clicks, and competition.
  • Profit Calculator: A tool to estimate the cost of making, marketing, and selling your item.
  • Trend Buzz: Provides Etsy’s most searched keywords, as well as on Amazon, Pinterest, eBay, and Google Shopping.
  • Listing Audit: Performs a comprehensive audit of each listing for how well it complies with Etsy.
  • Rank Checker: Allows you to see your Etsy item rankings without ads or personalization, and compare them to your top competitors.

eRank Pricing

eRank offers four plans: Free ($0.00/month), Basic ($5.99/month), Pro ($9.99/month), and Expert ($29.99/month).

7. Marmalead


Marmalead is a popular SEO tool that is specifically designed for Etsy sellers to enhance their online presence and increase sales with real shopper keywords.

By utilizing machine learning, Marmalead eliminates the guesswork in optimizing visibility on Etsy by offering authentic shopper keywords.

Over 260,503 Etsy shops trust Marmalead, and a 2021 study found that 50% of its customers earn seven times more annual revenue than the average Etsy shop.

Marmalead Key Features

  • Powerful brainstorming tools for keyword suggestions.
  • Real search volume and keyword engagement analysis.
  • Keyword seasonality and forecasting.
  • Market-based pricing information.
  • Listing grading system for SEO and sales factors.
  • Access to Entrepreneur’s Course Library.
  • Ability to connect multiple shops for Etsy moguls.

Marmalead Pricing

Marmalead’s Entrepreneur plan is priced at $15.83 per month (Billed Annually).

8. Crest


Crest is an exceptional Etsy SEO that enables Etsy Sellers to conduct keyword research, optimize listings for visibility, and analyze shop sales data.

Crest’s unique selling point is its focus on location-based customer analytics, providing sellers with deep insights into where their customers are buying from.

The platform is designed to be simple yet powerful, providing quick and easy insights into your shop.

It allows sellers to filter listings by revenue and popularity, discover markets via order geolocation, and track performance over time.

Notably, Crest’s integrated SEO engine provides real-time feedback on how changes to listing titles, tags, and descriptions affect your SEO rating.

Crest also offers a unique feature that allows sellers to generate and share video content from their listings.

Key Features of Crest

  • Integrated SEO engine for real-time optimization feedback.
  • Performance tracking with goal and forecast reports
  • Support for up to three shops on a single subscription.
  • Real-time tools to improve the Search Engine Optimization of your listings.
  • Forecasting tool to project future listing activity and order numbers.

Crest Pricing

Crest is priced at $12.99 per month.

9. Merch Titans

Merch Titans

Merch Titans is a comprehensive marketing and product research service that enhances the process of selling on Merch by Amazon, Etsy, RedBubble, and other similar platforms.

With its powerful research service, it provides users with the necessary tools to improve their online merchandising business, drive sales, increase profits, and efficiently streamline their niche and product research process.

Merch Titans offers a range of features including product and brand search, keyword research, suggestions and autocomplete, and a unique feature known as Titan Vault.

The platform also provides trademark alerts to keep your account safe and within Amazon’s guidelines.

Key Features of Merch Titans

  • Product and Brand Search: Quickly fetch real-time Amazon data for any keyword.
  • Keyword Research, Suggestions, and Autocomplete: Provides related suggestions and autocomplete options.
  • Titan Vault: Organizes Merch by Amazon t-shirts by sales, BSR, and more.
  • Trademark Alerts: Tracks trademarks, and sends notifications on phrase trademarking.

Merch Titans Pricing

Merch Titans offers a Starter Researcher Plan at $9.99 per month and an Advanced Researcher Plan at $29.99 per month.

10. Koalanda


Koalanda empowers Etsy sellers with advanced SEO tools, keyword research capabilities, product research, market research, and competitor analysis.

This platform is built on the principle of data-driven decision-making, providing Etsy sellers with the same powerful tools and data that large e-commerce companies use to drive their success.

It provides insights into real search volume data, which helps sellers enhance their listings and expand their reach to a broader audience.

Koalanda also offers a unique competitor analysis tool, allowing sellers to see what their competitors are doing right and get inspired by them.

Key Features of Koalanda

  • Advanced keyword tools for high search volume and low competition keywords.
  • Product research tool to find top-selling products in your niche.
  • SEO optimization tools to edit the title, tags, and description of your listings.
  • Listing Editor to edit listings directly on Koalanda.
  • Shop Inspector to see sales and keywords used by all Etsy shops.
  • Catalogue with almost all 5 million shops on Etsy.
  • Provide a Unified keyword Search Score.

Koalanda Pricing

Koalanda offers a free plan with limited features and searches, and paid plans starting from $11.99/month for a monthly subscription and $5.99/month for a yearly subscription.

11. Roketfy


Roketfy is a data-driven platform that provides smart tools and services to help Etsy sellers boost their sales.

It acts as a virtual listing assistant and offers a suite of features that simplify the process of optimizing Etsy listings, conducting product research, analyzing competitors, and tracking shop performance.

The platform also offers a unique way to discover profitable products to sell on Etsy. It uses smart filters to find popular products that are not highly competitive, giving you unique inspiration that matches your specific interests.

Impressively, Roketfy’s AI Writer and AI Reviews feature enhances product descriptions and analyzes customer feedback, assisting sellers in optimizing their sales potential.

Key Features of Roketfy

  • Listing Checker: Analyzes product listings and suggests improvements for better optimization.
  • Product Research: Provides comprehensive data on product demand, competition, and sales performance.
  • AI Writer: Generates high-quality, SEO-friendly product descriptions.
  • Competitor Analysis: Allows detailed analysis of competitors’ products, stores, and keywords.
  • Real-Time Keywords Data: Offers up-to-date keyword data for better SEO.
  • Title Suggestion: Provides suggestions for optimized product titles.

Roketfy Pricing

Roketfy offers three pricing plans: the “Get Started Free” plan at $5.75 per month, the “Premium” plan at $8 per month, and the “Professional” plan at $36 per month.

Which Etsy SEO tools offer a Free Plan or Free Trial?

Etsy SEO ToolsPlan
1. EverBeeProvide Hobby plan which is a Free Forever Plan.
2. AluraProvide a Free Plan with limited features.
3. EtsyshopDoesn’t provide a Free Plan, however, offers a Free Trial.
4. EtsyHuntProvide a Free Plan with limited features.
5. Sale SamuraiOffers a 3-day Free Trial version.
6. eRankProvide free membership at no cost.
7. MarmaleadOffers 14-day Free Trial with limited features.
8. CrestNo Free Plan or Free Trial.
9. Merch TitansNo Free Plan or Free Trial.
10. KoalandaProvide a Free Plan with limited features.
11. RoketfyFree Trial is available.


How can I maximize SEO on Etsy?

To maximize SEO on Etsy, start by conducting keyword research using tools like eRank to find relevant keywords for your products. Optimize your product titles, tags, and descriptions by including these keywords naturally. Use long-tail keywords that are specific to your niche to attract potential buyers and improve your search ranking.

Which keyword research tools are best for Etsy SEO?

Some popular keyword research tools for Etsy SEO include eRank and Marmalead. These tools help you discover relevant and valuable keywords that can enhance your product visibility and increase your chances of reaching potential customers.

How important are product titles, tags, and descriptions for Etsy SEO?

Product titles, tags, and descriptions play a crucial role in Etsy SEO. Including relevant keywords in your titles and tags helps search engines understand the context of your products. Writing detailed and accurate product descriptions with valuable keywords helps potential buyers find your products easily.

How can I find the best keywords for my Etsy store?

You can find the best keywords for your Etsy store by using keyword research tools. These tools provide insights into popular search terms, keyword competitiveness, and suggestions for high-reachable keywords that can attract buyers.

Final Note

We have taken an in-depth look and present the best Etsy SEO tools available in 2024. These tools find the right keywords, analyze competitors, and enhance listings for better results.

Investing in a good Etsy SEO tool boosts your chances of being found and getting more visitors.

The tools we recommend in the above article are user-friendly, feature-rich, and offer different options for every budget.

Sellers using these powerful SEO tools have seen more exposure, better search rankings, and increased sales.

We advise trying free trials before choosing the best tool for your goals. Keep an eye on performance and focus on customer satisfaction.

With patience and the right tools, Etsy can be a rewarding sales platform.

Affiliate DisclosureThis post may contain some affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you purchase something that we recommend at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!)

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