Top 5 Highest Paying Adult Affiliate Networks : Updated 2018

If you are an affiliate marketer conducting dating affiliate programs or proven adult affiliate programs and searching for the best adult CPA network that converts your traffic making huge profits, then you should go through this review. Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, you can take complete advantage of the adult networks mentioned in this post.

All the adult affiliate networks in this post are competent in the market with the rich in class features that you won’t say no to.

There needs to be a proper CPA network to allow adult traffic sources as some CPA network doesn’t allow Google AdSense to be integrated. Here, in this post, we bring you the latest and the Top 5 private & best adult CPA networks that will help generate a lot of revenue and will target multiple devices such as desktop, Android and iOS.

Top 5 Adult Affiliate CPA Networks : Updated 2018

Top 5 Adult Affiliate CPA Networks Updated 2017


These Adult Networks have a specific mechanism to satisfy the needs of the dating industry. It is quite tedious to search for the best CPA Network and considering this, we thought of reducing your search time, and therefore with our extensive research, we came out with the best adult networks that you could choose for optimum results.

1. CrakRevenue

It is one of the most prominent and recognized CPA networks with 10+ years of affiliate marketing experience. With complete dedication and strive to offer better features to its customers at every step has made CrakRevenue the best revenue generator for adult industries. Due to its expertise and in-depth knowledge, it is the most trusted CPA network in the world. It offers a brand new platform CrakRevenue 2.0 to experience excellent affiliate programs.


You can intuitively get statistics. It comprises of a team of more than 100 professionals working in different fields such as designers, marketers and affiliate managers ensuring that you are in the safe hands. The reports show that its revenue since 2011 has grown up to 2000% which is remarkable and this is why CrakRevenue has achieved pinnacle. It offers over 2000 products and has bagged 20 awards within 10+ years of relevant industry experience. It claims to have over 25000 pro publishers in its network and offers 40M in commissions to affiliates per year.

Reasons to choose CrakRevenue:

  •  Out of 20 awards, it has won 6 international awards making, best in the business.
  • Dedicated customer support, claims to have 91% customers satisfied.
  • Every month it reaches 50B impression and creates 50,000 new banners every year.
  • It has made conversions in more than 200+ countries & territories around the world.

Its tracking is accurate and reliable and keeps the record of the user’s entry and exit until a conversion is made. The use of cutting edge technologies and precise tracking system ensures that all your marketing efforts do not go in vain. With a customizable filter you can get access to statistics sorted by date, country, offer, device and vertical.

2. Adxxx

Adxxx has an experience of more than ten years in the advertising market. It is one of the pioneering adult affiliate and digital marketing company.

It is recognized as one of the best adult affiliate networks in the world and has completed several CPA projects successfully. Since its launch, it has successfully converted traffic into massive profit, and this is the reason why more than a hundred web masters prefer Adxxx and complement its quality affiliate services.

Adxxx Features & Key Benefits:

  • It covers 6 continents, 180+ countries which ensures global targeting.
  • Advertisers and publishers can track and monitor statistics on real time and anytime.
  • It claims to have 500+ M clicks per month, implies a strong performance network.
  • It allows real time bidding for traffic for both advertisers and publishers.
  • Setup is easy and takes only 5 minutes. It is compatible with all the devices and platforms.
  • It guarantees 100% increase in eCPM.
  • Payments are processed by paxum, PayPal, ePayments, Webmoney and Wire.
  • 24/7 dedicated support, never to disappoint approach to every client makes it a pioneer in adult affiliate network.


It has significant contacts with advertisers in every corner of the world and uses its hand crafted mechanism to satisfy advertisers and publishers. It makes weekly payments which are a sigh of relief and provides best technical support with a direct approach to every partner.

3. CPAmatica

Cpamatica is one of those best adult affiliate networks that have a passion and strive to affiliate marketing and provides proven adult affiliate programs.


CPAMatica benefits & key features:

  • Its vide area network covers 100+ countries to bring offers for web and mobile.
  • Real time tracking and reporting is offered using its excellent tools that maximizes traffic.
  • One of the best CPA affiliate network with best offers and highest payout in industry.
  • Weekly payments are made and newbies can withdraw their first payment after 10 days.
  • Dedicated support team ensures that all your issues are taken care of and resolved effectively.

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It has aimed at providing quality affiliate solutions for a rapid growth of its customers. It offers competitive payouts and gratifying customer support for publishers as well as advertisers. The company was established in 2015 and has a team of 20 passionate mojos always ready to help 24/7.

4. GlobalFastAds

There are numerous of CPA networks across the globe and finding the tight one can be a tedious job hence it is necessary to choose a CPA network which is globally recognized and trusted by many brands due to its reliability and flexibility.


Globalfastads is a shining star among thousands of different CPA networks which sometimes would even bully you. Globalfastads is a globally renowned CPA network that provides fast and accurate service around the world. It provides global campaigns in US, UK, CA and AU with web and mobile with collaborative offers that could be chosen as per the convenience leaving no demographic or vertical untouched.

Reasons to choose Globalfastads:

  • It works with the brand giants in the industry and assures new offers and feedback. There are always exclusive offers for advertisers and publishers.
  • Apart from the campaigns in preferred verticals, it also provides performance metrics and specialized tools for you to achieve success.
  • Before handing over all the campaigns, it is ensured that all the campaigns are tested and verified with multiple stages involved.
  • The support system is extraordinary and flawless.


Not only adult affiliate marketing but they also have hundreds of exciting top performing campaigns on Globalfastads with great payout as compared to other networks. They offer great support via Skype and email and their Affiliate managers also help you to optimize your traffic for their best offers.

5. Adsterra

Adsterra is a pioneer digital advertising company that offers optimum solutions for advertisers and publishers all around the world. With 10 billion impressions per month, 190 GEOs covered, 20K successful campaigns and 6000K leads in the last month makes it is the best choice for CPA network. It was established in 2013, and within one year it reached 1 billion impressions per month.

Reasons to choose Adsterra:

  • Publishers can monetize every impression with the smart technology inculcated by Adsterra. It is simple to work with Adsterra, sign up as a publisher, place the code and earn money that you wouldn’t have even thought of.
  • It offers highest CPM rates with 100% fill rates, monetizing impression couldn’t get better than this.
  • It’s safe and secure as it uses third party malware detection system to thwart attackers that ensure you are in the safe hands.
  • Different payment models such as CPM, CPA, CPL, CPO and CPI (PPI) can be chosen to monetize traffic for optimum conversion.
  • Its wide range of web and mobile ad formats allow you to make more money from your site or app.
  • It uses NET15 hold policy for on time payments and payment could be withdrawn via bitcoin, wire transfer, paxum, Payza, PayPal and WebMoney etc.

At present, it has 122 employees working with all the courage and aiming to reach the pinnacle. With the use of spear head technology it has managed to transform digital advertising for the web, mobile and social platforms by making it eccentric and innovative. It is super reliable and trusted with best customer satisfaction.

End of the Line:

In this review we brought you some of the best adult affiliate programs in the world that have global partners and recognized as best adult affiliate networks.

Some of these companies provide dating affiliate programs and proven adult affiliate marketing.  If you are having dating or 18+ traffic then choosing any of the above affiliate networks will surely monetize your traffic and result in massive profit.

Hope this review has helped you in deciding which affiliate network to choose for maximizing the profit and growing your business worldwide. 🙂

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