Looking for a complete solution for your business and management? Well, Connecteam is one such tool that can take care of all your operations.

Connecteam is designed to simplify daily operations, HR tasks, and internal communications for businesses with deskless workforces. This powerful yet easy-to-use app allows managers to schedule shifts, track time, assign tasks, share announcements, deliver training, and more – all from one centralized hub accessible on any device.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner needing a better way to communicate with your waitstaff or a home healthcare agency looking to streamline HR workflows, Connecteam offers an affordable, feature-rich solution to manage your mobile employees.

Now, let’s start this Connecteam review and get along with my overall experience with this overpowered management solution.

What is Connecteam?

Connecteam Review

Connecteam is an all-in-one employee management app designed to simplify communication, enhance daily operations, and improve professional skills for non-desk employees. Trusted by over 36,000 companies, Connecteam offers a wide range of features, including team scheduling, time tracking, task management, customizable forms, and internal communications tools.

Some of the standout features include time tracking, customizability, communication, and task management. The platform allows managers to easily create and send schedules, accurately track work hours, and streamline daily operations with custom forms and checklists.

Key Products Offered by Connecteam

Connecteam offers its services across some of the important aspects of organizational operations and management. These key parameters and products include:

  • Operations
  • Communications
  • HR & Skills

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Connecteam Features for Operation Management

Connecteam Features for Operation Management

Similar to some of the top-tier tools in the same business management ecosystem, Connecteam also offers some excellent features that can help in Operation management.

Here are some of the key features of Connecteam that can help you in the operation management:

Forms & Checklists

One of the key features of Connecteam is its digital forms and checklists app, which allows frontline teams to manage and track workflows from anywhere. This feature enables employees to fill out checklists on the go from any mobile device, compose custom forms for any process, and distribute checklists to multiple locations instantly. It also allows for the creation of dynamic forms that adapt based on user input, ensuring the collection of correct and consistent information.

Connecteam also provides real-time notifications of submissions, allowing managers to monitor them instantly. Employees can interact directly with any entry and attach any file type, including PDFs, spreadsheets, images, and more. All submitted information is stored, organized, and easily accessible, increasing accountability with features like eSignatures and geolocation.

Connecteam also offers a feature to monitor employee locations while on the clock and assign incoming tasks on the fly accordingly.

Task Management with Connecteam

Connecteam’s task management feature is designed to help businesses efficiently delegate and monitor tasks for their employees. This powerful tool allows managers to create and assign tasks to team members with just a few clicks, including detailed descriptions, subtasks, attachments, and due dates. Real-time execution updates, team reminders, and notifications ensure that managers have complete oversight of their employees’ daily tasks and workflows.

Employees can easily access and complete tasks from their mobile devices, streamlining communication and promoting accountability. The platform also offers advanced filtering capabilities and tags to help managers organize and prioritize tasks effectively.

Time Clock

The employee time clock feature in Connecteam allows employees to easily clock in and out from their mobile devices or desktops. Managers can view who is clocked in and track attendance in real-time. The time clock integrates with payroll providers to export timesheets and calculate pay automatically. Overall, Connecteam’s time clock simplifies shift management and streamlines payroll for managers, while providing an intuitive experience for employees to clock in and track their hours.


Connecteam’s scheduling feature is a powerful tool designed to streamline the process of creating, managing, and sharing employee schedules. It allows you to build optimal schedules with ease, using templates, duplications, and recurring shifts.

The feature provides full visibility of your employees’ availability, qualifications, and preferences, helping to avoid costly scheduling mistakes. You can instantly share schedules with your team via the app, boosting employee accountability and reducing back-and-forth communication.

Employee Communication Using Connecteam

Employee Communication Using Connecteam

Connecteam’s employee communication offers a variety of chat options, enables the sharing of attachments, and provides read receipts for messages. This feature-rich hub is integral to enhancing team engagement and ensuring efficient communication in real time.


The Updates feature in the Connecteam employee communication app serves as a social media wall for the workplace, providing a central hub for company newsletters, announcements, and important updates.

It allows for targeted and automated publishing, ensuring that the right employees receive the right information at the right time. The feature also includes a mobile-first experience, making it accessible to every mobile employee.


Chat feature, your go-to instant messenger for work. This tool allows you to communicate instantly with your team through 1:1, group, or company-wide chats, enhancing collaboration and resolving issues swiftly. It separates private and work messaging, ensuring focus on the job. With this feature, you can maintain control over internal communication, keeping it clean, professional, and secure.

Employee Directory Feature

The Employee Directory feature is your digital phone book for work, providing a centralized, easily accessible platform for all employee contact information. It’s designed to streamline communication within your organization, allowing you to search for contacts by name, job title, department, or location.

This feature is not just limited to employee details; you can also add work contacts such as clients, vendors, and suppliers. The directory is fully customizable, giving you control over what information is visible and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Knowledge Base

Connecteam’s Knowledge Base feature provides a centralized digital library for all your company’s essential information, making it easily accessible for your non-desk employees.

This mobile-first solution empowers your team to quickly find and access important documents, policies, manuals, and training materials, ensuring they have the resources they need to perform at their best. With secure encrypted storage and backup, the Knowledge Base feature keeps your data safe while promoting efficient knowledge sharing and collaboration among your employees.

Events Feature by Connecteam

Connecteam’s Events allows companies to easily create, manage, and promote internal events like meetings, parties, and training. Employees receive invites, RSVP, and stay updated on event details right from their mobile devices. Overall, it streamlines event planning and boosts participation.

Human Resources and People Management Platform

Connecteam HR & People Management

Connecteam’s HR & People Management platform is designed to help businesses build a skilled and engaged workforce, providing a comprehensive suite of tools to manage HR matters and motivate employees to perform at their best every day. This all-in-one app streamlines various HR processes, such as training and onboarding, document management, employee recognition and rewards, and more.

Training and On-Boarding

Connecteam also offers this Training and Onboarding module that revolutionizes traditional learning methods. It allows for the creation of engaging courses, enabling continuous learning without the constraints of a classroom. The platform facilitates on-the-go training, minimizing time to competence.

Custom quizzes can be added to assess trainees’ understanding of the material, ensuring effective learning. Moreover, it provides real-time tracking of team progress and maintains a record of all mandatory training, ensuring compliance and enhancing overall team performance.

Documents Management

Connecteam’s Documents feature provides a comprehensive solution for managing and organizing employee documents. It allows employees to upload required documents directly from their mobile devices, streamlining the onboarding process and ensuring all necessary files are in one secure location. The system also enables managers to set expiration dates for documents, ensuring compliance and up-to-date records.

Recognition and Rewards

The Recognition & Rewards feature in the HR & People Management section is a powerful tool designed to boost employee motivation and engagement. It allows employers to appreciate and incentivize deserving employees, promoting a strong company culture and improving retention.

The feature enables employers to recognize and celebrate any milestone, with customizable badges and personal messages. Employees can be rewarded with tokens that convert to their favorite gift cards, ensuring a tangible appreciation of their efforts.

In addition to all this, Connecteam’s HR & People Management also offers some other features that can be helpful for better Human Resource management:

  • Quizzes: Excellent feature for the proper evaluation of the employee knowledge and skills.
  • Time Off: Quite an important feature to manage all the days off and vacations taken by employees.
  • Timeline: Connecteam also gives a complete timeline of the employees which can include things like Salary change, certification, etc.

Connecteam Pricing Plans

Connecteam Pricing Plans

Connecteam offers a variety of pricing plans, each designed to cater to different business needs. Each hub offers different features and functionalities, it is worth mentioning that each of these parameters is to be selected separately.

  • Free Plan: This plan offers basic features such as time tracking with all report types, GPS, unlimited jobs, payroll software integration, chat, etc. depending upon the parameter.
  • Basic Plan: Priced at $29 per month (billed annually) for the first 30 users, with each additional user costing 50 cents per month.
  • Advanced Plan: This plan costs $49 per month (billed annually) for the first 30 users, with each additional user costing $1.50 per month.
  • Expert Plan: Priced at $99 per month (billed annually) for the first 30 users, with each additional user costing $3 per month.

Top FAQs for Connecteam

What is Connecteam and what is it used for?

Connecteam is an all-in-one employee app designed to simplify communication, enhance daily operations, and improve professional skills. It offers features for scheduling shifts, tracking work hours, sending automatic reminders, and more.

Is Connecteam available on mobile devices?

Connecteam is available on both iOS and Android devices, allowing employees to access their schedules, tasks, and other key information from anywhere using the mobile app.

How does Connecteam help with employee onboarding?

Connecteam offers a comprehensive onboarding module that allows managers to create and share training materials, courses, and quizzes for new employees. This helps streamline the onboarding process and ensures that new hires have access to all the necessary information and resources.

How secure is Connecteam?

Connecteam adheres to the highest security standards, including a full ISO 27001 compliant data center, SSL encryption, and a virtual private cloud localized to your preference.

How does Connecteam help with compliance and labor laws?

Connecteam provides tools for tracking employee hours, overtime, and other key metrics, helping managers stay compliant with labor laws and regulations.

Wrapping Up the Connecteam Review

As we move towards the end of this review, it is pretty clear that Connecteam is quite an excellent tool that simplifies daily processes, boosts productivity, and improves the employee experience.

Some of the key features in which Connecteam excels include streamlined communication, enhanced task management, and powerful HR tools. With Connecteam, managers can easily create schedules, track hours, assign tasks, share updates, and more—all from one centralized platform.

Whether you need to connect distributed teams, develop staff skills, or oversee complex workflows, Connecteam has the features and integrations to meet your needs. Ultimately, Connecteam enables businesses to build a more engaged, aligned, and high-performing workforce.

 So why not take the first step and begin optimizing your team management today?

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